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JavaScript - Other

In this section you will find custom, fully tested, copy and paste ready snippets for you programming needs.

PHP. Execute Pseudocron Job After Web Page Has Loaded

Published 9 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
This PHP snippet shows how to execute a repetitive job, even if we don't have access...more

JavaScript: How to Open a PopUp Window

Published 8 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
This JavaScript snippet shows how to open a popup window. Open Popup Clicking on Button ...more

JavaScript. How to Find, if a Chekbox is Checked or Not

Published 8 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
This little JavaScript snippet shows how to find, if a checkbox is checked ...more

JavaScript. Execute JavaScript When Web Page Has Finished Loading

Published 8 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
How many times you needed to execute a JavaScript after the page has loaded? And...more

JavaScript. Create XMLHttpRequest Object

Published 8 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
This little JavaScript snippet creates a XMLHttpRequest. The XMLHttpRequest object is used to...more

JavaScript. Get Elements By Class Name

Published 8 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
A great JavaScript function which finds and returns all the DOM elements on...more

Hide E-Mail from Spiders

Published 7 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
This little snippet allows you to hide your e-mail from mail harvesting spider bots. ...more

JavaScript. Redirect User After Specified Seconds with Countdown Message

Published 7 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
This snippet shows a nice message to the user that he will be redirected to...more

JQuery. Prevent Browser Redirection on User Clicking Backspace

Published 7 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
The user browsers do redirect the user a page back when the backspace button is pressed....more
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