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PHP - Arrays

In this section you will find custom, fully tested, copy and paste ready snippets for you programming needs.

PHP. Find if Array is Associative

Published 9 yearss ago in » PHP » Arrays

PHP. Get Column from Multidimensional Array

Published 9 yearss ago in » PHP » Arrays
The following PHP snippet gets a column from a multidimensional array. This is especially useful, if...more

PHP. Function to Convert Multibyte String to Array (mb_str_to_array)

Published 8 yearss ago in » PHP » Arrays
PHP is notorious for its lack of awareness for Unicode strings. Because of this working with...more

PHP. Function is_in_array. The Regular PHP Function in_array "on Steroids"

Published 8 yearss ago in » PHP » Arrays
The regular PHP function in_array is pretty useful, if you want to check whether a value is...more

PHP. Array to CSV

Published 7 yearss ago in » PHP » Arrays
Comma Separated Values (CSV) files are largely used throughout the IT industry to store, transfer or...more

PHP. Remove Empty Elements from Array

Published 7 yearss ago in » PHP » Arrays
Recently had an array serialized into a string separated with ; which had to be brought back to array. The...more
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