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In this section you will find custom, fully tested, copy and paste ready snippets for you programming needs.

PHP. Remove Empty Elements from Array

Published 6 yearss ago in » PHP » Strings
Recently had an array serialized into a string separated with ; which had to be brought back to array. The...more

Sending Mail Using Zend Framework 2 (ZF2)

Published 6 yearss ago in » PHP » Other
A real life snippet using Zend Framework 2 (ZF2) to send an e-mail. ...more

JQuery. Prevent Browser Redirection on User Clicking Backspace

Published 7 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Other
The user browsers do redirect the user a page back when the backspace button is pressed....more

PHP. Checking If URL Exists

Published 7 yearss ago in » PHP
This is a simple function written in PHP to quickly check if an URL exists. ...more

PHP. Array to CSV

Published 7 yearss ago in » PHP » Strings
Comma Separated Values (CSV) files are largely used throughout the IT industry to store, transfer or...more

Limit Amount of Entered Text into TextArea

Published 7 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Strings
This script shows how to limit the amount of text that a user is allowed to...more

JavaScript. Redirect User After Specified Seconds with Countdown Message

Published 7 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Integers
This snippet shows a nice message to the user that he will be redirected to...more

CPP. Execute a Java class on Windows

Published n/a in » CPP » Other
This small CPP snippet sends a command to the Java virtual machine to run a specified...more

Hide E-Mail from Spiders

Published 7 yearss ago in » JavaScript » Strings
This little snippet allows you to hide your e-mail from mail harvesting spider bots. ...more

PHP. Html Collapsible Panel

Published 7 yearss ago in » PHP » User Interface
Introduction This is a PHP function producing a nice collapsible HTML panel. The function is completely autonomous integrating the required JavaScript...more
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