PHP. Apache Enable SEO URLs

If you experience problems with Apache thinking your URLs optimized for search engines are directories and shows 404 pages, this is the solution.

Using appache2.conf

Add the following line to the file appache.conf. For Linux the file can usually be found at at /etc/apache2/apache2.conf. Note: You must be logged as admin to edit the file.

AcceptPathInfo on

Using .htaccess file

If you do not have access to your appache.conf file you can use .htaccess files. In your .htaccess file add the following line:

AcceptPathInfo on

If the following still is not accepted, then probably your .htaccess files do not override your default Apache configuration. To change this go to Apache virtual hosts file and make sure the directive AllowOverride All, which allows .htaccess files to override the default Apache configuration, is present.