The AjaxRequest library is a layer over the XMLHttpRequest functionality of JavaScript. This Ajax library is very comprehensive and has multitude of features. The AjaxRequest library is an easy way to break into Ajax programming without figuring out the details of how the requests work using the XMLHttpRequest.

The AjaxRequest library is built with the following goals in mind

  • Simplify the interface to using XMLHttpRequest, making it more logical and consistent with what developers expect. No more worrying about the onreadystate handler or status codes!
  • Add timeout functionality for async requests, allowing extended functionality if Ajax calls take too long.
  • Provide activity monitoring features, so developers can provide accurate "busy" indicators to users when Ajax requests are running in the background.
  • Support multiple simultaneous requests which will not collide with each other without any additional work from the developer.
  • Simplify form submissions, so submitting a form using Ajax is just a single function call. Form serialization, request headers, form targets and methods - they are all taken care of for you!

An interesting demo of AjaxRequest library can be seen at http://ajaxtoolbox.com/request/examples.php