PHP YAF (Yet Another Framework) is an object orientated PHP framework developed in C language and available as a PECL extension. Because PHP YAF is natively compiled the framework is amazingly fast and has almost no additional overhead. Benchmarks show that PHP YAF is a lot quicker than the many other popular PHP frameworks (Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, etc). You can download and install the Yaf from the PECL repository to check it out for yourself.


  • PHP YAF is developed in C language, thus compared to native PHP, has almost no additional performance overhead.
  • PHP YAF is fast. The framework classes do not compile. Load when PHP starts up, and reside in permanent memory.
  • PHP YAF has shorter memory turnaround time, improved memory utilization, reduced memory usage.
  • PHP YAF supports smart auto-loading of global and local files, thus facilitates library sharing.
  • PHP YAF has high performance view engine.
  • PHP YAF is highly flexible and scalable. Supports custom view engine that supports plug-ins, custom routing, and others.
  • The built-in a variety of routes in PHP YAF are compatible with the common routing protocols.
  • PHP YAF avoids complex configuration and loss of structural performance by having powerful and highly flexible configuration file and cache configuration file.
  • PHP YAF supports faster execution with reduced memory footprint.