Zoop Framework for PHP

The Zoop Framework is stable, scalable, and portable in development since 2001 and in production use in a number of different environments. The framework is designed to be fast, efficient, modular, and extensible. The Zoop framework not only supports but encourages separation of display, logic and data layers.

The Zoop Framework is inclusive, cooperating with and containing components integrated from some existing projects including Smarty, the Prototype JavaScript Framework, and a number of Pear Modules. Zoop has combined the above into an implementation that brings GuiControls to PHP, providing developers with easy access to rich form widgets with client-side validation completely integrated. Zoop also works to include support for pieces from some of the latest and greatest PHP and Javascript projects, including the Zend Framework, PHP Doctrine, and jQuery, among others.

Features of the Zoop Framework for PHP

  • A well-organized, fully-featured front controller.
  • A Smarty based view layer, enhanced with form generation and rich UI controls.
  • Several integrated data model access styles.
  • Automation of common mundane tasks.
  • Great native libraries and friendly integration with many third-party projects.