KISSMVC is a simple and minimalist PHP Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework for rapid development of web applications. It is designed with the KISS principle in mind, and the entire source code can be read and understood in minutes.

KISSMVC provides 3 small classes. The Model class is a simple ORM that works on single database tables. The View class is a simple PHP templating system. The Controller class lets you use friendly URLs routed though a single index.php page.

Features of KISSMVC PHP Framework

  • Simple. Only 1 core file containing 3 classes with a small set of MVC related functionality.
  • Tiny. Core file is 12KB uncompressed, 3.5KB zipped.
  • Minimalist. Only the bare essentials are here. Non-MVC related functionality are not provided.
  • Robust. Core code is very small and can be audited and secured quickly. SQL injection protection with PDO.
  • Unobtrusive. No restrictions on use of other libraries like PEAR or another ORM like Doctrine. All PHP globals are accessible.
  • Flexible. PDO abstraction allows choice of databases. Core MVC classes can be extended or overriden easily using object oriented inheritance. Choice of using procedural or object-oriented code or both!
  • Fast. No feature, code or framework bloat at all. Even faster when used with a PHP Accelerator like APC.
  • Friendly. It uses Human/Robot friendly URLs. Also upgrade friendly, simply overwrite of the old core file with the new one!
  • Free.KISSMVC is open-source, free software released under the MIT License. You are free to do anything with it, just don't remove the included license text.
  • Fun. It is easy and fast to learn. Use it to try out the MVC software design pattern.
  • Serious. KISSMVC is not a toy framework. It is designed for powering production websites. It is also probably the easiest framework for refactoring your existing .php projects into a MVC pattern.