UIZE (pronounced "you eyes") is a powerful, open source, object oriented JavaScript framework - supporting widgets, AJAX, DOM, templates, and more.


  • UIZE is free to use (available under MIT License or GNU General Public License).
  • UIZE is open source.
  • UIZE supports mobile devices.
  • UIZE is skinnable with your own CSS.
  • UIZE is server agnostic - use it with any choice of server language and platform: Java (Apache TomCat), C# (IIS / ASP.NET), Visual Basic (IIS / ASP), C/C++, Perl (Perl / Apache), PHP, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python, etc.
  • UIZE has lots of built-in widgets: slideshow, calendar, date picker, slider, marquee, dialog, menu, mag view, etc.
  • UIZE offers many powerful features: JavaScript Animation, JavaScript Inheritance, JavaScript Events, JavaScript Modules, JavaScript Libraries, JavaScript Templates, JavaScript Widgets, JavaScript Localization, JavaScript Documentation, JavaScript Code Compression, JavaScript Build Scripts.
  • UIZE does not extend native objects.
  • UIZE is in active development.