Claypool is a small, fast, railable Javascript Application Framework , built on jQuery that provides all the usual important patterns for large, long-lived client-side apps, server-side apps, or something strangely, beautifully in the middle.

Like Django, Rails, and Spring but built for jQuery. jQuery-Claypool provides a powerful routing framework, simple scanners for nearly-zero configuration, highly optimized category logging, aspect oriented filters, automagically managed inversion of control, sinlge point of entry, swappable environments and minimal requirement mvc. And jQuery-Claypool comes with the promise that if all of those big words don’t scare you away, the framework will make your life simpler, cheaper, and most importantly lazier.

jQuery-Claypool is both a client (browser) and server-side framework that fits in a compressed, gzipped file that is smaller than jquery itself. This is achieved by simply allowing developers to use whatever model and view plugins they love the most, while simultaneously letting developers write controllers the same way they would write event handler without jquery-claypool. i.e. there is no notion of framework required extension patterns. It is developer's decision how write and the framework just wires it up cleanly and most importantly, transparently.

jQuery-Claypool Features

  • Small, 14K gzipped.
  • MIT/GPL Style License.
  • Scales memory effeciency.
  • Powered by jQuery.